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In 2010s, Monty and the Foundation Team architected and built complex mission critical apps for loan processing and wealth management for some of the largest US Banks. The apps had hundreds of pages, integrations and thousands of calculations, all of which had to be 100% accurate, while making monthly/weekly releases to production. While we delivered on quality, it was a huge struggle despite having a large team of SMEs, architects and QA Engineers.

The genesis of QASolve was the passion to create a novel way that required very little human intervention and yet achieve the same robustness. The quest was about shipping code rapidly with less people with high degree of confidence in our deliverables. QASolve was founded in Jun 2020 in stealth mode and started experimenting with different approaches. We had to rinse and repeat and often going back to whiteboard to start from scratch. We reached a tipping point early 2023 with unique leverage of AI/ML and then there was no turning back.

The company is headquartered in Boston with an Engineering Center of Excellence in Pune, India.

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QASolve Leadership

Monty Kothiwale

Founder & CEO

Monty is an accomplished CTO and Co-founder of several product companies in the past 30 years. He was part of founding team and CTO of 3 successful companies sold to Genpact, Morning Star and Moody’s Analytics with 100M+ in revenue. Monty holds 5 patents and several pending. At Rage Frameworks, acquired by Genpact, he led the design and implementation of patented model driven Business Process Automation Platform, which led to creation of several flagship products and custom solutions that were built using the Platform. He led engineering teams with innovative methods to acquire knowledge and interpret information from unstructured and semi-structured content. Deployed mission critical solutions to several Fortune 500 companies with pre-trained models that continuously learn and improve the model from ongoing transactions. Frustrated with existing QA tools, ventured out to create QASolve.

Venkat is Founder and Managing Director of Innospark, has worn the shoes of an entrepreneur for most of his career. He brings deep expertise in AI and computational algorithms to the firm, especially computational linguistics combined with deep functional knowledge in multiple domains including finance and accounting. He has founded several successful AI-led startups, including eCredit (acquired by ICG) and Rage Frameworks (acquired by Genpact). He holds 8 patents, has published over 30 research papers in peer-reviewed prestigious journals, has co-edited two books and is the author of a recently published book titled, The Intelligent Enterprise in the Era of Big Data. Venkat has strongly advocated for and believes that successful AI-led transformation will be characterized by traceability, context recognition and the ability to learn from sparse data environments through computational abstractions.

Legal Advisor

Dan Clark is highly esteemed by both clients and colleagues for his comprehensive expertise in corporate and business law, covering areas such as corporate organization, financing, including venture capital financing, technology licensing, and mergers and acquisitions. He is particularly skilled in advising high-growth, emerging, and startup companies, as well as entrepreneurs and venture capital investors. Dan’s approach combines deep knowledge and broad experience to offer superior advice and representation. He takes pride in having supported numerous successful companies from their inception and providing invaluable counsel to successful entrepreneurs and industry visionaries.

CTO & VP of Engineering

Anoop has 20+ years of hands-on experience with a proven track record of translating ideas/concepts into innovative products. He led the AI R&D team at Genpact Digital and drove technology strategy for Cora Cognitive Intelligence Platform. As an Enterprise Architect he has led creation of unique products such as Model driven UI generation, Commercial Underwriting Platform and so on. He is passionate about solving complex problems using cognitive technologies, NLU, computer vision, machine learning, analytics and automation. Most recently he was CTO at Nutrimedy acquired by FemTec Health and he launched robust and highly scalable web and mobile apps. He is adept in working with global teams and in implementing best practices in DevOps including TestOps.

Country Head, India

Devraj is an accomplished entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in the IT industry. He founded Sarvara Technologies which provides turnkey solutions for small & medium businesses within Financial, Educational and Government sectors. He is passionate about delivering value to his clients through a world class team and excellent delivery model. He also founded Sira Consultancy which helps IT companies attract top talent and assist in employee retention. He was instrumental in establishing the QASolve Indian subsidiary, building the team grounds up and runs the operations

Enterprise Architect

Firdous Ahmad is an accomplished Enterprise Software Architect, Core Technologist, and passionate Entrepreneur dedicated to driving business transformation through innovative solutions. With a solid track record in developing scalable, high-performance systems and expertise in cloud solutions, Firdous is committed to remaining at the forefront of technology.

Firdous thrives on crafting cutting-edge solutions that propel businesses forward. With a keen eye for innovation and a strategic mindset, Firdous excels in designing and implementing technological initiatives that optimize efficiency, drive growth, and exceed expectations.

Director UI/UX

Arun is a seasoned UI/UX expert with 12 years of experience, excelling in creating seamless user experiences across digital platforms. His comprehensive skill set spans user research, creative strategy, and interface design, ensuring every project meets its goals within the given context and timeline. Arun’s notable collaborations with industry giants like Deloitte, American Express, and Nedbank highlight his ability to lead cross-functional teams from concept to execution, making complex ideas accessible and engaging for all users. His holistic approach not only addresses user needs but also aligns with stakeholder objectives, setting a high standard in the UI/UX domain.

Director Customer Success

Neha is a seasoned expert in software application testing with 10 years of experience, showcasing a strong ability to develop and implement comprehensive testing strategies that ensure high-quality software delivery. Her career includes significant contributions to companies like Rageframeworks (acquired by Genpact) and Nutrimedy (acquired by FemTec), where she worked on a wide array of projects. Her skills cover both manual and automated testing methods, specializing in functional, non-functional, regression, and user acceptance testing. Neha’s deep expertise in designing test cases, executing scripts, and analyzing results has made her a key player in advancing the quality assurance processes within the tech industry.

Core Values

QASolve 4th Anniversary Celebration!

QASolve 4th Anniversary Celebration

QASolve 2nd Anniversary Celebration

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