QASolve is a tech company leveraging AI/ML to fundamentally change how Quality is addressed in software.
Any software engineering team creating or updating web applications. It is agnostic to industry vertical. The more agile you are, the more relevant is QASolve for you.
QASolve has a pre-trained AI/ML model created by analyzing tens of thousands of Apps, which is used to "understand" target App. The "intelligence" collected from the App is used to auto-generate Test Cases without human intervention.
Rapidly implement Quality automation in 3-4 days for most apps with very little human intervention. Can scale to thousands of Apps concurrently, building Quality automation across portfolio of Apps. TCs are auto-synchronized to match the changes in the AUT.
There is no cost to the users to engage in the Pilot Program. Clients get comprehensive Test Cases at the end of the pilot, which is in javascript or java. Our primary objective is to get external validation on target Apps that the platform has not “seen” before and iterate to improve the product.
Platform. Our Success team does review the quality and coverage of generated TCs before the services can be consumed on our Portal and optionally we ship the code to the client.
No, we do not use client data to train our models. Any transactional data collected is part of the client's tenancy and purged periodically as per the agreement.
We are HIPAA compliant and in the process of complying with SOC2 and ISO27001.
In software development, shifting left means testing and addressing issues early in the development process to prevent defects and improve quality.
QASolve is agnostic to the technology stack and programming languages used to build the application. The only pre-requisite is that AUT [application under test] can run in an internet browser.
Discovery is triggered as part of the build process. As part of discovery we discover new pages, features added and functionality deprecated. Unlike other tools, changes to the scripts are automatically done by the system, saving huge time & costs in maintaining the test scripts.
Precise TC generation has unique journeys and less variation in test data. Creative TC generation has lot more combinations of journeys and more variability in test data.
Zero installation. The service is entirely fulfilled by using our self-service portal or APIs.
It is a run to discover all the functionality of the App, which is accomplished by dispatching swarm of AI agents at the AUT. This is run as part of the software build [DevOps]. We recommend running Discovery when there is any major or minor release of the App.
It's a visual representation of the App showing all the navigation paths, pages, components and actions.
Theoretically size of the App does not matter. However, for the Pilot Program we are focused on applications that are less than 200 unique pages.
Yes, the system generated Test Cases can be added or edited within our Portal and this does not require coding skills.
QASolve generates test data using an intelligent framework. This can be overridden or complimented by providing test data or one can register callback APIs.
Yes, one can continue to leverage existing TCs or create new ones using other tools if required. We aim for 100% functional coverage and the user can choose the ones or all of them to be part of Test Plan.
We provide comprehensive report in HTML, PDF or Excel format. This includes summary of TC in plain English, Test Steps, Actions Taken and Test Data.
Detailed report includes # of metrics including Test Failure Analysis & TCs that required self-healing locators to be applied, etc. Within the Portal one can compare Test Results with previous Runs.
AUT URL is the only input to QASolve and we consider that as the System of Truth. QASolve does not process requirement specifications, code base or data model, but still provide comprehensive coverage.
Yes all APIs that are triggered from the UI directly or indirectly are covered by QASolve.
We provide comprehensive report in HTML, PDF or Excel format within the Portal. This includes summary of TC in plain English, Test Steps, Actions Taken and Test Data. The failed TCs including video recording are accessible through the APIs as well.
As soon as one can build the app with code. Our goal is to help engg team shift left and provide guidance to the developer early in the process.
This is optional. We generate javascript code that can be run in Playwright and java code for Selenium. Other languages are in the pipeline.
Support for mobile and desktop apps is planned for 2025.
Administrative setup of the application has to be done prior to running Discovery within QASolve. If the role requires certain test data so that all the functions can be visible, then illustrative transactions need to be prepopulated.
Workflow use cases that require the same transaction to be acted my multiple roles are not auto-generated, but can be added using our Portal. This does not require coding skills.
This feature is on the Product roadmap. Currently the Discovery or TestOps will pause for 2F authentication including CAPTCHA and resume automated discovery or run after 2F auth.
We do not support assertions on audio, video, AutoCAD or interactive map content. However, these can be manually added.
Currently we do not support on-prem apps, however code generated can be run on-prem. Our plan is to support this in future with VPN proxy.

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