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QASolve transforms how the Test Cases are created and managed with very little human intervention.

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QASolve Test Lifecycle – AI in Software Development Life Cycle

AI in Software Development Life Cycle

After successful completion of our Alpha Release with 8 clients, we launched the Beta Program on May 1, 2024. Anyone interested can initiate request at Get Started or by writing to

The tool can be used to generate comprehensive set of Test Cases for any Web App that runs within a browser. The engagement lifecycle is expected to last 2-3 weeks depending on the size and complexity of the target App.

The outcome is a list of Test Cases and Test Data, which can be executed using our Self-Service Portal. Developers can access the Service with APIs as well to embed in your CI/CD pipeline.

Generative AI Led QA Automation

AI Driven Autonomous QA

What is it like working with Us?

Step 1
Click on ‘Get In Touch’ to create an Account with us?
Click on ‘Get In Touch’ to start your journey with us. Registration is quick and easy – simply fill out the required information, and you’ll be on your way to discovering all that our platform has to offer. Don’t miss out – join us today!

Step 2
Register your App with URL and roles
Register the URL where AUT [application under test] is deployed, which is generally a non-production environment. Define the various roles who have access to AUT.

Step 3
Run Discovery and see real time Knowledge Graph of your application
Discovery is run when there is a new application build. Discovery kicks off fleet of AI agents who analyze every user journey, actions, relationships and information model of AUT. This can be visualized real time within the Portal.

Step 4
View System generated Test Cases
Review system-generated test cases for comprehensive test coverage. One can add or edit TCs without coding if needed.

Step 5
Run Realtime or with a Scheduler for any # of Configs
Execute tests ad hoc or apply a scheduler for any number of configurations. A configuration is a combination of an operating system version and a web browser version. Additionally you can also call our APIs to trigger test run.


Insight and Failure Analysis

Step 6
Application Insights & Failure Analysis
Access detailed test reports and facilitate failure analysis. Gain insights into test outcomes and pinpoint areas of improvement. Streamline decision-making and optimize testing processes with comprehensive reporting.

Step 7
Iterate Rapidly
Repeat the preceding steps as necessary for your workflow. If it hurts, do it more often. Iterate rapidly and ship robust code.

Rinse and Repeat

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