QASolve Platform

QASolve radically changes how the Test Cases are created and managed with little or no human intervention.

QASolve Testing Lifecycle Implementation

AI Software Testing

How It Works

Autonomous QA

QASolve Platform comprehensively discovers any web App by “understanding” all the workflows, information model and data flows. We leverage machine learning techniques such as Computer Vision, OCR and Natural Language Understanding [NLU] techniques that are modeled on top of domain specific ontologies. The Platform leverages Generative AI to auto generate a comprehensive set of Test Cases with individual steps of the TCs and intelligently generates domain aware Test Data. We offer deep Analytics with Test Failure Analysis. Additionally we offer our clients APIs that can be embedded into CI/CD pipelines.

QASolve Test Iteration vs Typical Iteration

QA Copilot

The challenge with Record / Playback tools or Behavior Driven Development [BDD] testing, is that they are very people intensive and therefore time consuming & expensive. They require translation of the target App by creating another layer of code or domain-specific language [DSL] constructs, which has to be maintained manually. When Application changes, the incremental functionality needs to be covered by additional recording and scripting.

QASolve eliminates several steps of the lifecycle and gets an AI led machine to do the heavy lifting. The generated TCs adapt to the live application with comprehensive coverage, rather than referring to the code base or requirement specifications. 

How Are We Different?

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